LS Bassen was a 2011 Flannery O’Connor Award finalist and is a fiction editor for Prick of the Spindle.

Her play The End of Shakespeare & Co. was the winner of the 2009 Atlantic Pacific Press Drama Prize, and she won a Mary Robert Rinehart Fellowship for German Sabbath (to be published in 2014 as Summer of the Long Knives), about the successful assassination of Adolf Hitler. She has been published in many print and online publications, including Kenyon Review and American Scholar. A produced and published playwright, commissioned co-author of a WWII memoir, LS Bassen is a native New Yorker and Vassar grad married for four decades and now living in Rhode Island.

You can find some of her upcoming and previous work below:

Here’s a link to a story and audio of the NYC reading February ’14 of Prone to Uprising:

And a Beatles-inspired story Yesterday, November ’13:

Another audio, this time not an actor, the author reading Time and Tide (Feb. ’13 w/audio)

Sample book reviews:

Playwright link:

The Month Before the Moon is the serious comedy of the 25th reunion in 1994 of four Vassar women who graduated in the class of ’69 before co-education, the June just before the 1st lunar landing:

And a small poem sampling:



Remember the black walnut tree
in November, only three shabby ornaments left hanging out her bare sleeves.
She’s going green now.

One comment on “About

  1. As a writer whose fiction has appeared in “Prick of the Spindle” and a subscriber to the journal, I’m contacting you with information about “Where Gringos Don’t Belong” published this year by Anaphora Literary Press. I’d be delighted to send you a copy for possible review. A couple of links with more information:


    Thanks so much. Bob Stout


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