6 comments on “L. Shapley Bassen’s “Portrait of a Giant Squid”

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    • Thanks, I’ll do that! We’ve been meeting every Sunday in Austin to discuss ‘mini mindbenders’ – short stories that look interesting – we’ve been mostly focused on Borges up until recently. I found your story while looking through the Chronicle short story contest and it looks perfect for our theme!

      We often end up getting pretty deep in the discussion – one of the members was an English major and analyzes everything!

      I’d love to hear about what the story means to you – we don’t usually get the author’s perspective on what we’re reading! I could also send some of the thoughts that come up during the meeting if you’re interested.


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  2. Wow, Lauren, superb to hear from you in Austin! I wondered if we had any friends in common, but now it’s unlikely. Funny you mentioned Borges — whom I’ve never read — because another story recently published [by the creator of Ploughshares!] “Denatural Selection” caused him to invoke Borges as well. Must be the zeitgeist in me!One thing I can share now about the Squid story — I was thinking of literalizing the expression ‘Art Speaks to Us” — and that story rose pretty quickly in my brain. I was reading about octopuses and squids at the time — fascinating creatures. The intricacies of the plot arose out of other characters’ histories. I like weaving as many strangs together as I can. And I like a slant of the surreal.


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